Tonopah - Tybo - April 26, 2008
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016. I know where we are!.jpg
017. Monica and Kenan arrive at junction..jpg
018. Kendo was so happy to find was on his GPS..jpg
019. Girls can ride too..jpg
020. Typical desert junk, a spring that's unsprung..jpg
021. Heavy Metal Lori..jpg
022. On way to Tybo, it gets less flat..jpg
023. Great place to camp just ahead..jpg
024. Flat all behind us..jpg
025. We find the Kiln's..jpg
026. Monica says 'don't be a dork'..jpg
027. Monica and Kenan (Not being a dork)..jpg
028. Inside the Kiln..jpg
029. These were built in the 1870's..jpg
030. Kendo and Kenan explore inside..jpg

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